“Scent plays a key role in the sensory self-regulation tools that we share with veterans to help them manage their mental health difficulties. The power of smell helps us to unwind when stressed, to calm us when we are anxious (i.e. English Lavender) and can improve our sleep.” - Jolandi du Preez, Head of Occupational Therapy

The perfect gift for those friends and relatives who need some me time.

Full of essential oils that aid relaxation and promote good mental health.

10% of all sales from Freckleface's Calm + Unwind range are donated to Combat Stress and another charity supporting children with mental health issues.

200hrs of fragrance to fill your home, perfectly packaged and ready to gift.

Your gift set will contain:
- Our classic white ceramic wax melter
- A tube of our 10 Calm + Unwind soya wax melts
- 2 tealights

The perfect starter gift for those new to wax melts or for anyone who enjoys luxury home fragrance.

Handmade in England | Plastic Free Packaging | 100% Vegan Friendly
10% of all sales from our Calm + Unwind range will be donated to charities supporting children and adults with mental health issues.
20hrs of fragrance with each melt
All of our products are handmade by our team in Freckleface's cosy workshop in Lincolnshire, so they control what goes into it.
Their unique blend of fine fragrances, essential oils and botanics deliver a non-toxic, long lasting, luxury home fragrance.
Freckleface strive to create products that are as natural and as environmentally friendly as possible. Their packaging is plastic-free and all our wax melts are made with soya wax so are 100% vegan friendly.

Freckleface Calm & Unwind Wax Melter Gift Set