Touching an object that feels good in your hand, gives touch input that is experienced as grounding and calming.

These beautiful stones can be used as a mindful grounding tool to help manage feelings of anxiety, stress, worry or overwhelm by helping us focus on the present moment.

Hold the stone in the palm of your hand and gently rub your thumb over the smooth groove.  This calming ritual will hold you safely in the present moment until the feelings of overwhelm, stress or anxiety have passed.

Individually hand made grounding (sensory / worry / anxiety / fidget) stones for ages 3 to 103. 

Each stone is designed, conditioned, moulded, baked, sanded and polished by hand, creating a unique pattern every time, no two are the same.

A perfect gift for children to use at school, teens to use during exams, to have on your desk or place around the home for the family to enjoy.

Grounding Stone