If you’re a sports, camping or hiking fanatic, you may have already heard of a neck warmer, neck gaiter or tube scarf.

There are so many ways to wear this super multi-functional piece of head-wear and most importantly at the moment it can be used as a face mask! It has its uses in everything from running to biking, camping to skiing. This simple neck warmer can help keep you warm or cool in extreme weather conditions which is an essential for any sports fanatic or adventure-seeker.

One of the best things it does is soak up excess sweat after some strenuous activity (that’s where it’s fast-drying property comes in handy). It’s an elasticated tube-shaped piece of material which is amazingly versatile and there are endless ways how you can to wear your neck warmer from a neck warmer to headband, beanie to balaclava, wristband to scrunchy. This single piece of material has a multitude of uses if you’re a lover of adventures. But you can also use it as a functional fashion accessory and add a stylish flair to your everyday look.

  • Breathable - Allows moisture out, making sure you stay dry on the inside
  • Wind Resistant - Helps to keep the wind out, so you stay warm with fewer layers
  • Quick Drying - Great when you’re out and about and after washing too
  • Convertible – You can wear it so many ways
  • One Size - 48cm (l) X 24cm (w)"
Neck Warmer